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It Starts with One

September 20, 2018
Every year around this time, we begin the process of putting together our educational program for the next year’s BIO International Convention. Without fail, we receive hundreds of fascinating proposals that uncover important new trends in scientific research, healthcare delivery, intellectual property, environmental issues, sustainable farming, business development and digital health.

As we plan the 2019 BIO International Convention in Philadelphia, we work with our Program Committee to select the best of the best to educate, inspire and enlighten the global biotech community. We are proud of our well-deserved reputation for putting on the industry’s finest showcase, and that’s not going to change.

What is changing, however, is the lens through which we view the session proposals.

At our recent Convention in Boston, BIO affirmed our commitment to lead an industry-wide effort to promote inclusion and diversity in the biotechnology sector. This is not only the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do. It starts with one simple objective: to help promote a level playing field for advancement in life sciences, and this includes who we feature at our industry’s largest Convention.

So with that goal in mind, I am proud to announce the theme for the 2019 BIO International Convention: It Starts with One.

Scientific progress begins with one idea, one theory, one trial, one success. The small initiatives of today—the incremental investments of time, energy, and dedication that each of us makes—can have a global impact on tomorrow. Our theme highlights the critical daily contributions that combine to bring new breakthroughs to the world. And yes, it can start with one front-office executive or hiring manager resolving to discover new talent or make an inspired promotion that brings vital new voices to the table.

For next year’s Convention, BIO is looking for outstanding speakers whose backgrounds embody the full richness of our diverse ecosystem. We want to feature brilliant women and men who bring new ideas and perspectives to the forefront. Our Convention goal is to help elevate the next generation of biotech leaders. We’re looking to uncover those diamonds in the rough who may not be in the C-suite but perhaps should be, because they see the world—and the challenges of innovation—differently than others as a result of their unique experiences.

So if that describes you, or an undiscovered superstar in middle management at your company, or a brilliant woman who spends nights and weekends in the lab trying to do what no one else ever has, please submit a session proposal or encourage them to do so. We’re looking for people like you to lead the conversation at BIO 2019.

Inclusive and united, we will heal, fuel, and feed the world, and it starts with you.