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Jim Greenwood: Biopharma Answers the Call for Cures

September 9, 2014
Recently, BIO President and CEO Jim Greenwood participated in a roundtable hosted by Congressman Joe Pitts (PA-16) to discuss new ways to expedite new cures for patients in need. C-SPAN covered the event, which may be viewed below:

Yesterday The Hill published an op-ed by Jim which spells out in more detail one of BIO’s proposals to accelerate new cures and treatments:
I propose the development and execution of a large-scale, longitudinal study to sequence the genomes of 100,000 volunteers in age cohorts from those in their 20s through those in their 80s, obtain biospecimens and additional health care data from those individuals, and develop biological markers that may predict Alzheimer’s or other chronic diseases for which the cause is unknown or poorly understood.

This large-scale, long-range study will not only yield data necessary to find ways to cure and prevent Alzheimer’s, it would help researchers find ways to treat hundreds of other diseases for which we still lack adequate therapies.

There is broad agreement that advancements in biologic and drug development will best be accomplished through collaborations that bring together knowledge, skills, and expertise, as well as funding, from the public and private sectors.

Public and private entities worldwide are engaged in efforts to understand the disease, to determine how best to develop therapies, and to address the enormous challenges facing caregivers. Such partnerships and consortia already are making progress in a number of areas with high public health impact, including Alzheimer’s. 

Read the full piece here.