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From Jim Greenwood: Heading to Atlanta

May 14, 2009
With only a few days to go until we cut the ribbon for the 2009 BIO International Convention, our staff is a controlled frenzy - if there is such a thing. It will be a terrific event! Despite the fact that the economy will depress our registration number, the quality will be up to our usual standards and will feature great exhibits from around the world, 170 panel discussions, and Super Sessions on the state of the biotech industry by Steve Burrill and Ernst & Young.

We'll have a keynote address by entertainer and philanthropist Sir Elton John on biotechnology and HIV/AIDS on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, we’ll have a dynamite plenary panel on health care reform featuring former Senate Majority Leaders and health policy wonks Daschle and Frist, and, to add a dash of political insight and an ignition spark, Howard Dean and Karl Rove.

To relax in the evenings we'll be either in Centennial Olympic Park (or the Georgia Dome depending on the weather) with the B 52's for the welcome reception on Monday, at the Georgia Aquarium for the Gala Reception on Wednesday, and we'll be rock n rollin' at the closing party at the Tabernacle on Thursday.

Be sure to check out the CAVEman exhibit with way cool 4D virtual reality human biology map (in booth 4561 of hall B4).