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Jim Greenwood Talks 21st Century Cures with Chairman Fred Upton

July 16, 2014
Recently, BIO CEO and President Jim Greenwood sat down with House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) to talk about the Committee’s 21st Century Cures initiative, which seeks to “determine what steps we can take to ensure we are taking full advantage of the advances this country has made in science” to speed and improve drug discovery, development and delivery.  This is a bipartisan effort Chairman Upton and the committee are undertaking with the leadership of Representative Diana DeGette (D-CO).

The conversation not only talks about how the process will unfold over the next year, but also what you in the biotechnology industry can do to help.  Wisely, Chairman Upton and Representative DeGette want to hear from you, about your experiences, and more importantly, your ideas.  So get involved, watch here to learn how:


Jeffrey Sadosky, Managing Director, Communications, BIO