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Know Any Biotech Superheroes?

February 20, 2015
Every day, countless men and women are working tirelessly to heal, fuel and feed the world using the tools of biotechnology. Thanks to their achievements, patients have enjoyed incredible medical advances in the past few decades. HIV, once a near-certain death sentence, is now a manageable chronic condition. Farmers around the globe are enjoying greater crop yields while using less land and pesticides thanks to GMO crops. And advanced biofuels provide us with cleaner fuel that reduces our dependence on oil, while renewable chemicals offer greener alternatives to petroleum-based products.

Living at a time when such progress is commonplace, it can be easy to lose sight of the men and women who make it all possible. That’s why BIO has decided to put the spotlight on Biotech Superheroes at the 2015 BIO International Convention, June 15-18 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Do you know a graduate student whose work in the lab has led to a new approach to treating a disease?  A patient whose dogged determination has brought important attention to the research being done to combat their disease?  Or a researcher at a start-up biotech whose ground-breaking science has created a potential new treatment that could save thousands of lives?  If so, we want to hear about them, and more than that, we want to help tell their story.

Nominations will be accepted February 19 through March 5 for each of the following three categories: Patient/Patient Group, Pharma/Biotech and University/Research Institutions. Winners will be chosen by popular vote by March 31, and announced onsite at the 2015 BIO International Convention.

The winners will be recognized throughout the Convention, including:

  • An email announcement to the entire BIO 2015 community;

  • Promotion on all BIO social media channels including a blog post on BIOtech-Now;

  • VIP access to Keynotes, parties and more;

  • Opportunity to participate in a Buzz Center video interview; and

  • A featured article in the BIO Buzz Official Show Daily.

To nominate your Superhero, please include: Name, title, company, and headshot; tell us what makes them a superhero, in 100 words or less; and tell us which super power this individual would have (Flight, Laser Vision, ESP, Superhuman Speed, or Superhuman Strength).

For more details on the contest, please visit We've also prepared an informational flyer.

I can't wait to begin reviewing the nominations, and celebrating with the winners in June.