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Leading MIT Scientist, Professor and Entrepreneur, Robert Langer, to Speak at BIO 2015

May 15, 2015
In a recent Boston Globe article, MIT standout and Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering recipient, Robert Langer, discusses the highlights and challenges facing our industry.

He emphasized all of the progressive work being done on the drug-delivery system, collaborations with the Bill Gates foundation for the Third World and the work on nanotechs in the lab, specifically trying to deliver different kinds of gene therapy and drugs in general.

“There’s so much great work going on, and what’s happening, especially here in Boston and Cambridge, is that there is this excitement about translating discoveries to things that can help human health, so you have all these biotech and medical device companies, and by and large they’re doing well. I don’t see it stopping.”

Langer also recognized the challenges or “negative forces” facing our industry which is the lack of government funding for basic research. He encourages investment in basic research as that is how we continue to train young students and discover the unknowns.

To hear more from Robert Langer, learn more about the 2015 BIO International Convention. Langer will be speaking on the Thirty Years of Venture Capitalism in Biotechnology panel at BIO 2015.