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Learning the Truth About Clinical Trials

July 26, 2012
There are currently over 60,000 clinical trials occurring in the United States. These programs not only allow patients to access potentially ground-breaking new therapies, but also help researchers collect valuable data.

Many patients have concerns about the risk involved, despite the importance of clinical trials in the drug development process. Common misperceptions can deter patients from seeking out new approaches to treatment that can currently only be found in clinical trials.

The Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota addresses the following myths about clinical trials in a series of short videos:

“Patients enrolled in clinical trials are treated like guinea pigs.”
“Never enroll into a clinical trial, they cost too much.”
“Signing up for a clinical trial means you give up all your patient rights.”
“Clinical trials are risky, especially for minorities.”
“Clinical trials are only good if you live near a major city.”

You can also find answers to common questions about clinical trials on this FAQ page from the Association of Clinical Research Organizations.