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Making the Most of Partnering at #BIO2014

April 3, 2014
As a new face at BIO, I am excited to announce that partnering is open for BIO 2014. As soon as you get your credentials, log in, publish your profile and start sending meeting requests. In my two decades in the biopharma industry, I’ve gotten to do some incredible things, but few compare to driving partnering at BIO 2014. BIO’s motto is “heal, feed and fuel” the world. Effective deal-making is as important as the science and the regulatory landscape when comes to achieving these goals, and it is my privilege to facilitate this process so meaningfully at BIO.

At BIO’s 2014 CEO & Investor Conference, we shattered all previous records on the number of 1x1 meetings biotechs had with investors at the event. At BIO 2014 in San Diego this June, we expect more broken records, and predict more than 28,000 partnering meetings. That’s 1,150+  meetings every hour! And that doesn’t even count all the off-site and informal meetings that are happening.

BIO’s One-on-One PartneringTM System has been improved to make partnering at BIO 2014 easier than ever:

  • You can use the same username (your email) and password for myBIO and the partnering system.

  • The myBIO and the partnering calendar “talk” to each other now, so starting in early June, you’ll see your myBIO events in your partnering calendar and your partnering meetings in your myBIO calendar.

  • You’ll also be able to see your partnering calendar on your mobile device via the myBIO app.

  • You’ll even be able to upload your partnering calendar into Outlook through myBIO.

  • And a number of user interface improvements have made the partnering system more intuitive.

Partnering opens today, and you’ll be receiving your login credentials shortly if you’ve already registered. Then:

  • Log in, fill out your company and other profiles, mark free time on your calendar, and start sending meeting requests early.

  • Tailor the subject and body of the meeting request to the company or organization that you want to meet.

  • Be patient – many meeting requests won’t be accepted until late May or early June.

  • Check for new companies often; every day we are excited to see the great companies coming to BIO.

  • Follow up using the Reply Only button with companies that haven’t responded to your meeting requests as it gets close to the conference.

  • Consider leaving contact information if you have to cancel an agreed or scheduled meeting.

This year there are two types of “agreed” meeting statuses. “Agreed – To be Scheduled” and “Agreed – No Mutual Availability”. If you see the latter, you and/or the other party will need to open more time on your calendar(s) to increase the chance that we can schedule the meeting. We will start assigning meeting times and meeting booths to “Agreed – To be Scheduled” meetings in late May. So don’t panic if you don’t see a time and booth assigned to your meeting until then.

One more thing: DON’T LEAVE BIO EARLY ON THURSDAY! This year, partnering will go all day during the last day (Thursday) of the conference. You’ll want to stick around for that.

Exhibitors, here are some tips on effective Exhibitor Booth Partnering.

My next blog post will talk about partnering momentum and strategies for getting the meetings you want in Business Forum.