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MIT Hacking Medicine Presents Idea Design Studio at #BIO2015

June 9, 2015
Have you ever wanted to improve your healthcare experience? Have you ever felt like you have waited too long in the waiting room; or been annoyed when your care providers do not have access to your health records from a different hospital? YOU – can make a change today.


Anyone can improve the healthcare system, because everyone has been a patient. And at its core, healthcare is viewed differently through the eyes of a patient, a physician, an engineer, or a scientist. A patient sees their prescription; a physician sees a chest x-ray; and an engineer sees a medical device. This high degree of complexity relegates healthcare stakeholders to their own domains – and as a result, engineers and scientists that have the skills to solve problems lack the medical insight from clinicians and patients to tackle relevant problems.

If you are interested in transforming a healthcare idea into a startup, or interested in creating a culture of innovation within your organization, attend the MIT Hacking Medicine Idea Design Studio. This hands-on 4-hour experience will enable participants to take actionable steps towards creating the next breakthrough in digital health. You’ll be joined by fellow healthcare professions, physicians, researchers, engineers, developers, educators, students and designers from around the globe with a common passion for leading the transformation of healthcare.