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Morning Consult: Medicare’s Flawed Part B Drug Experiment Could Harm Patients

April 12, 2016
In today’s Morning Consult, the Community Oncology Alliance’s Rose Gerber has an excellent piece detailing the potential harm to patients posed by the Medicare Part B demonstration proposed by CMS last month:
For Medicare patients, the impacts of CMS’s experiment could be dire. Reducing reimbursement to patients’ physicians to the level proposed would make it impossible for many providers to offer the most clinically effective treatment options to patients – forcing patients to forego prescribed therapies, or seek treatment in more expensive settings that increase costs to both patients and payers.

Further, there is absolutely no evidence that CMS’s proposed changes would improve quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries.  In fact, I am highly concerned that these changes will adversely impact patients that lose access to the most appropriate and clinically effective treatments for their conditions, jeopardizing patient health and increasing risks for adverse effects and declines in health that will cost the system much more money over time.

BIO shares many of the concerns with the proposal that Gerber details, as we noted in our statement at the time. View the full piece here.