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My family farm isn't under "corporate control"

January 24, 2013
On CNN’s blog, “Eatocracy”, Indiana farmer Brian Scott challenges the myth that farmers are slaves to “Big Ag” and explains from first-hand experience how biotech seed contracts work.

In his blog post titled, "My family farm isn't under ‘corporate control’", Scott posts a copy of an actual technology agreement he signed, and explains how such agreements help him to operate the farm in the manner his family chooses.

Among the requirements of technology and stewardship agreements:
-         Keep a handle on the land
-         Manage insects
-         Only buy licensed seed, and don't sell or breed it
-         Choose your own input products
-         Maintain a paper and pixel trail

Scott adds:  “To my surprise, an Illinois study shows that urban dwellers believe most farmland is corporate owned. If perception is reality, then America needs to hear from farmers to let them know who runs American farms. In fact, the vast majority of them are family owned and operated. Even farms listed as corporations are often merely organized partnerships between relatives.”

Note: CNN blog editors say they will continue to present points of view on “corporate relationships and the use of genetically modified products” in the coming weeks.