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My First Blog Entry: An Enlivened Biotech Industry and BIO International Convention

March 13, 2014
While Washington, DC struggles with yet another round of cold temperatures, inside the halls of BIO, we have turned the heat up and are working hard to make many exciting changes to the 2014 BIO International Convention in SUNNY San Diego.

It is more than just California dreaming – our team has been breaking a sweat responding to all of the early registrations for this year’s event (it is how they get into convention shape). You should know early interest in this meeting is significantly outpacing other recent BIO International Conventions.

In the last 12 months, the biotech IPO window has enlivened our industry. As the leading industry event, we felt it was critical that we keep pace  with our industry and ensure this new and exciting energy was evident  at our convention in San Diego. I hope to take the time between today – and the day we open the doors of the convention (June 23) to talk to you about all the new aspects of the BIO International Convention – as well as other things (some likely unrelated to the convention) that cross my mind. I am excited to lead the charge for this year’s event and to use this blog as a platform to highlight significant changes we have made to the event, make program announcements and share updates.

As we get closer to cutting the ribbon to open the San Diego convention – I hope you will continue to check back often – and learn why you should join us at the 2014 BIO International Convention in San Diego. By the way, if you are looking for a water view – you better book your hotel room soon.