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Nature, The First Creator Of GMOs

October 11, 2016
Long before humans started domesticating crops 10,000 years ago, nature had its own process of transferring genes from one species to another, in effect, creating GMOs.

As a part of GMO Answers’ “Get To Know GMOs” campaign, plant biotechnology pioneer Dr. Mary-Dell Chilton has written a new post at the GMO Answers page highlighting the history and benefits of genetically modified organisms:
One of the biggest misconceptions about genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, is that they’re unnatural—the product of modern science and technology that has gone “too far.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

What today’s genetic scientists have done is harness nature’s process to bring about specific genetic alteration in a much more controlled way. The technology enables us to modify plants by a process that is more directed and rapid than is possible through traditional plant breeding, important to the environment and our future survival.

Looking to the future, the GMO crops of today and tomorrow, which will be able to provide nutritious food using less water, less land, less fertilizer and fewer pesticides, are going to be an important element in growing enough food to feed a growing planet.

To read Dr. Chilton’s entire post, please visit the GMO Answers page