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New Brazilian Biodiversity Law Provides Opportunities for Innovation

August 5, 2015
Brazil has a large share of the world’s biodiversity, which can be better explored since the new Act. No 13.123/15, recently sanctioned by the President. This law implements measures that can contribute to greater access to Brazilian biodiversity and change the current scenario of innovation originated from natural products.

Biodiversity in Brazil

Researchers from the main Brazilian research centers use different plant extracts aiming the identification of compounds with potential use in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, agriculture, among others. Between the great uncertainties related to Provisional Act No. 2.186-16/01, that currently regulates access to national genetic heritage, many companies prefer not to establish partnerships that the main project’s scope involves natural resources.

From the new law, which must be regulated November this year, the domestic industry will move to include plant extracts as raw material for innovation.

Among the main improvements, there is greater clarity about the benefits sharing, less bureaucracy in relation to biodiversity exploitation for research purposes and greater agility in permits for industries.

Our consulting area has a proprietary methodology for technology scouting in the main Brazilian research institutes, in subjects such as “plant extracts.” In addition to identifying promising projects, we have expertise in evaluating their technical consistency, considering aspects such as regulatory requirements, intellectual property, main results obtained, steps to be developed, and research group’s profile.

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This article was posted on on July 10, 2015