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New NPC Report on Comparative Effectiveness Research

June 19, 2014
Advances in medical research create the potential for better health outcomes, improved treatment and even prevention of once-fatal diseases and, with these improvements, a more cost-effective healthcare system.  How we use research is the key to achieving a healthier society.

That’s what makes the new publication by the National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC), “2014 Comparative Effectiveness Research and the Environment for Health Care Decision-Making” so valuable.  This is the fourth year that NPC has conducted a meaningful survey connected to comparative effectiveness research and the work being done by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to develop research intended to help illuminate which treatments and therapies are the most effective in addressing certain health conditions.

This report illustrates how comparative effectiveness research may affect the future course of medical innovation.

What makes the NPC survey unique is that they have solicited the views of those who are likely to use comparative effectiveness research – payers, government officials, academia, health care associations – to get a sense of how this research is perceived.  The NPC publication tells us that there is still a great deal of anticipation among these stakeholders that PCORI’s work will play a significant role in the future funding and dissemination of health care research and in affecting health care decisionmaking.

Along those same lines, according to the survey, there are high expectations for the research responsibilities the biopharmaceutical industry will take on.  Eighty-five percent of respondents said academia will be conducting critical research in the years ahead, but roughly two of every three stakeholders said drugmakers will be doing so also.

BIO supports PCORI’s goal of increasing the availability of accurate, scientific evidence to inform clinical decision-making. Furthermore, we have an ongoing interest to see PCORI successfully carry out its statutory mandate, of which dissemination of clinical CER is a vital component.

The survey can be accessed here.