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New Rare Disease Miniseries

August 8, 2012
Calling all biopharma researchers! Morning show “The Balancing Act” is producing a miniseries called “Roulette Wheel of Rare and Genetic Diseases,” and they are looking for pharmaceutical partners to help educate their audience.

The series is working with the Global Genes Project to help educate patients and their families about new research, clinical trials, and government policies that affect those with a rare disease. Patient groups are already excited about this opportunity to spread awareness- take a look at this post from the MesotheliomaHelp blog to see their take on this new show.

Check out the official press release to learn more about the series, and take a look at the Global Genes Project blog to find out which rare diseases will be featured.

For more information about how to become involved and become a content partner in this series, please contact the show’s producers: Carri Levy at or Molly Mager at