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Nominate a Fellow Bio-Techie for Biotech Humanitarian Award

January 15, 2009
Know anyone who is this close to the next big breakthrough in biofuels? Ending dependence on oil is one of the great challenges of 21st century, and there are heroes in our midst working towards alternative fuels. If you know someone who has contributed significantly to this goal, nominate them for the Biotech Humanitarian Award!

The award will recognize an innovator who has improved the lives of others by harnessing the power of biotechnology to help fuel the planet. The biofuels community knows better than anyone how long and arduous it can be to work on the next great biotechnology breakthrough. No one does it for the praise or attention, we are just working towards the common goal of improving the environment and generating alternative fuels sources. However, it is important to honor those who are working on behalf of thousands of people and let them know that we appreciate what they are doing and we are grateful.

You can show your appreciation by nominating the efforts of a colleague, advocate or friend for the Biotech Humanitarian Award.

Nominate someone you believe has produced tangible improvements to humanity through their work in the energy and environmental sectors.

This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the work of a colleague and applaud the impact biotechnology continues to have on contemporary energy and environmental issues. You should feel free to nominate anyone including advocates, scientists, researchers, academics, entrepreneurs, financiers, philanthropists, educators and others.

The Biotech Humanitarian Award winner will be announced at the to the 2009 BIO International Convention and receive $10,000. Nominations can be made online at and must be submitted by April 15, 2009.