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Non-GMO Challenge: Are You Sure About That?

April 26, 2018
The Non-GMO Project recently launched its annual month-long campaign encouraging consumers, brands, and grocery stores to “make meaningful non-GMO commitments” and share their pledges on social media using the hashtag #NonGMOChallenge. The initiative also urges users to look for the non-GMO project label in the grocery store – even though many “non-GMO” labeled foods don’t have a GMO counterpart (like salt, vodka, water, and more).

This initiative promotes the spread of misinformation and myths about GMOs. GMO Answers has written a new Medium blog post addressing this campaign, and thankfully, consumers across the country are seeing through this misleading drive and have taken to social media to set the record straight. Here are just a few sample comments from people putting facts and science over trendiness:

[caption id="attachment_27916" align="aligncenter" width="368"]Non-GMO pledge Some people are NOT having it with the non-GMO challenge[/caption]


Do you really know what your #NonGMOChallenge pledge means? Instead, make a pledge to learn more about GMOs and your food at