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Nonbrowning GMO Apple: From Concept To Produce Shelves

November 13, 2017
As a healthy snack to appeal to consumers and a solution to reduce food waste, OSF president and founder Neal Carter explains the development of nonbrowning Arctic® apples over the past 20 years in our latest post at the GMO Answers Medium page.

The orchardist behind GMO apples says, “witnessing poverty-stricken villages certainly gives you a deeper appreciation for how our food is grown and the challenges that farmers face,” as he explains how food waste played a huge role in creating the nonbrowning apple.
Louisa and I are apple and cherry growers, so I was very aware of the amount of produce that goes to waste as a result of browning. Using a similar biotech approach with apples seemed like a natural fit as it occurred to me that nonbrowning apples would be more appealing and could help boost apple consumption. By silencing the enzyme responsible for browning when apples are bitten, sliced, or bruised we felt we could also significantly reduce food waste across every segment of the supply chain. With those goals in mind, Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. was formed, and we were eventually able to successfully develop what are now known as Arctic® apples.

Oh, and contrary to misconceptions, the GMO apple DOES turn brown when rotten, and is about to revolutionize how we grow food more sustainably while reducing food waste.

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