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NPR’s Shots Blog: Vaccine Fears Fueled The Resurgence Of Preventable Diseases

January 27, 2014
This past weekend, Michaeleen Doucleff at NPR’s Shots blog shared a fascinating but disturbing map from the Council on Foreign Relations, How Vaccine Fears Fueled The Resurgence Of Preventable Diseases. The map covers 2008-2013 and shows outbreaks of measles, mumps, rubella, polio, whooping cough, and other diseases that are preventable with vaccines.

As the article notes, we've seen a large increase in whooping cough cases here in the US. While the 24,000 cases seen in 2013 was less than half of the nearly 50,000 cases in 2012, that number is still well ahead of where we were in the early 1980’s, when fewer than 2,000 people were infected.

While the alleged link between autism and vaccines has been thoroughly debunked, this map shows that anti-vaccine rhetoric and fears remain a threat to public health. For more information on CDC recommendations for childhood vaccines, please visit here.