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Opportunities for VC Funding Abound in San Francisco

September 2, 2015
If you’re an emerging biotech company looking for your first round of funding, the BIO Investor Forum in San Francisco may be your best bet to connect with the right investors. Small biotech startups are finding massive success in the Bay Area as venture capitalists turn their gaze from social networking and tech companies towards the biotechnology industry. Investors are realizing that the rewards for supporting early stage biotechs are potentially greater than for supporting tech and software, the industry most associated with San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

This wasn’t always the case. Not long ago, biotech startups had better luck with crowdfunding websites for securing critical early stage funding. In 2012 for instance, uBiome raised $350,000 on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. Just last year, uBiome raised $3 million from a Bay Area VC firm that has shifted from funding software companies to now starting to support biotech and other health companies. Now that more VC firms have realized how lucrative the biotech industry can be, biotech companies are enjoying a surge in funding and deal-making in San Francisco.

Y Combinator, one of the most well-known venture capitalist firms, lists biotechnology as a key area that they are focused on. They detail why biotech funding is so exciting:
“We are certain that this is going to be a surprising, powerful and controversial field over the next several decades. It feels a little bit like microcomputers in the 1970s.”

Biotech innovation is becoming faster, cheaper, and less risky due to both advances in technology as well as regulatory changes which streamline the R&D process. As a result, we can expect more investors to back companies with promising pipelines and ideas.

The BIO Investor Forum, happening October 20-21 in San Francisco, is the perfect event for emerging private and public companies to connect with prospective investors to make the deals that drive our industry. BIO Investor Forum registration is already pacing ahead of prior years and the list of investors in attendance this year is robust. We hope to see you there!