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A Partner in Partnering: BIO and the China Healthcare Investment Conference

March 8, 2011
If you're attending the China Healthcare Investment Conference this month, you'll probably notice something familiar. BIO has partnered with the Lychee Group to use the One-on-One Partnering System during their event! The event focuses on the most influential Chinese and global thought leaders to promote the development of the Chinese healthcare market, and all attendees will now be able to send requests, schedule meetings, and connect with one another in private meetings. As with all BIO's events, you'll be able to read up on your fellow attendees with the system's company profiles and investor profiles, easily find the companies that are relevant to yours, and other standard One-on-One features.

Some reminders about the Partnering System if you are new:

  • To schedule a meeting, both parties must agree to it on their own.

  • Get into the system early! And start sending requests. Don't wait until schedules are booked!

  • On that note... to schedule the most meetings, open your availability. The more time slots you have open on your calendar, the greater likelihood you can get that meeting up and running.

You'll find instructions throughout the One-on-One blog on how to do all of this, and we'll of course respond to any questions via the blog or the Customer Service line. You can also read more about the China Healthcare Investment Conference here. We hope you enjoy the event!