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Partnering is open for BIO 2016!

April 11, 2016
BIO is buzzing again but this time it’s not about a contest, it’s about the opening of BIO’s One-on-One Partnering™! It’s official. Partnering opened yesterday (April 7). Last year over 29,000 meetings were held over three days during the BIO Convention. This year there are more rooms and more days for more meetings. Partnering begins at 1:00 Monday, June 6 allowing another half day to make connections and secure investments. Meetings will continue until 4:30PM on Thursday June 9th. Our analysis shows that those who get in early get the most meetings. So start your partnering engines now!


Register by April 14th to save $200 on Convention Access + Partnering and start setting up your profile, calendar, and list of companies you want to meet at BIO 2016.

If the whole thing seems a bit intimidating, no worries. There is a free webinar April 12 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM EST (a recording will be available). We will review the system and latest trends, go over how to make an effective pitch, how to use the system to reach your target audience and much more. We will be joined by guest star Linda Hogan, a Colucid executive who is one of the most prolific partnerers at BIO events, who will share her tips on making the best of convention partnering.

Here’s some more good news. We are making partnering easier for you. We’ve improved the partnering system with Outlook/iCal integration, educational programming/company presentation management, calendar access from your smartphone, and Partneringplace.

What is Partneringplace? It is a seamlessly integrated business development management tool that helps you prepare for meetings through collaboration with colleagues, including colleagues who are not attending the conference, by providing notes/comment threads and workflow features. Partneringplace will provide information on your company’s history at BIO-branded conferences with other companies – in other words, has your company met with this company before, and what was the context? Partneringplace provides a convenient place to organize all your emails and presentations, eliminating much of the post-conference data entry and allowing you to manage leads and prospects after BIO2016 is over. With Partneringplace you will have more time for business development and need less time managing your data, content and workflow. The service is free for managing and collaborating on leads and opportunities you obtained through BIO branded conferences from BIO2015 onward.

See you in San Francisco!