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Perspectives from Brazil, India, Argentina, and South Africa

June 28, 2011
From PharmaTech Talk

At this week’s Partnering for Global  Health Forum, sponsored by BIO and BioVentures for Global Health, in Washington, DC, a unique panel of government leaders from emerging markets discussed what it takes to do business in their countries. Among the panelists were: Argentina’s Lino Barañao, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovative Production; India’s Maharaj K. Bhan, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology; South Africa’s Bongi Gumede, Senior General Manager, Technology Innovation and Marketing, Technology Innovation Agency; and Brazil’s Julio Ramundo, Managing Director, Venture Capital, Environmental and Capital Markets Division, Brazilian Development Bank. Also on the panel to provide analysis and perspective was industry expert Steven Burrill, CEO of Burrill & Company... Read more.