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Politico: Carter's Cancer Care Reflects Improved Drug Treatments

August 24, 2015
This week, Politico's Jason Millman highlights the treatment and care that Jimmy Carter is receiving for the melanoma that doctors found in his brain this month.

The care he is receiving reflects improved drug treatments through a new class of breakthrough drugs that is changing the nature of how doctors and patients approach cancer care.

Millman raises the issue of end of life care, a debate that he asserts 'too often ignores patients' wishes and brings unnecessary anguish.' In Carter's case, physicians were in agreement that the latest melanoma drugs could reasonably extend his life without seriously affecting or disrupting his quality of life.

As a former president, Carter isn’t just any other patient, of course. He has access to the best medical care in the world and, despite the melanoma found in his liver and brain, appears to be incredibly active for a man in his 10th decade of life. Only months ago, he delayed surgery to remove the growth in his liver to finish a nationwide book tour.

Millman shares that Carter began an intravenous treatment, followed by radiation therapy. He’ll receive radiation three more times at three-week intervals.

As Millman goes on to write, Carter said he put his full faith in his doctors. “I’ll do what the doctors recommend for me to extend my life as much as possible,” he said.

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