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Poster Session at BIO’s World Congress Showcases Cutting Edge Research

January 16, 2013
BIO’s 10th Annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology taking place this June in Montreal will feature a poster session highlighting cutting edge research in industrial biotech. Professors, students, scientists and industry reps are all encouraged to submit posters detailing their research that could lead to the next big breakthrough.

Numerous poster submissions have already come in and it’s looking to be a banner year in research. One poster describes a novel pretreatment process using oxalic acid on waste mushroom medium for production of fermentable sugar and ethanol. Another looks at a single step pretreatment process in bioethanol production from sweet sorghum bagasse. Bioethanol is a promising alternative as growing energy demands, climate change, environmental concerns and the diminishing state of fossil-based fuels has kindled the search for alternative fuels.

Commercial scale cellulosic ethanol facilities are coming online and are now entering production. Cellulosic ethanol made from agricultural waste products or purpose grown crops has the potential to reduce reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels while avoiding the use of food crops for fuel production. Several production methods for making ethanol from cellulosic material are under study, and one poster examines the energy balance of five prominent production methods in detail, encompassing pre-processing, pretreatment, hydrolysis, fermentation, and distillation stages.

Posters will be displayed during our poster reception on Tuesday, June 18. Poster presenters must attend the reception and be available to discuss their research. Are you interested? Apply to present at the BIO World Congress Poster Session, by e-mailing your abstract to by March 1, 2013.