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The Power of Innovation

April 29, 2015
Today’s “Fox and Friends” included an informative segment about the staggering advances being made in cancer care thanks to new and forthcoming innovative treatments. The segment featured five doctors from the Sarah Cannon Research Institute, a Nashville-based research organization that partners with biopharmaceutical companies to offer more than 500 clinical trials annually.

“Over 40 years since President Nixon declared the War on Cancer, and after decades of giving more drugs and more radiation, we’re now fighting the battle in a totally different manner, and the results are frankly dramatic,” said Dr. Howard “Skip” Burris in the interview. “We’re now using targeted therapies to aim only at the cancer cells and spare the normal cells – true targeted approaches. We’re using pills to turn off problems in cancer cells so that they will die and go away. And then most importantly, we’re learning how to use the body’s own immune system to in fact fight our cancers, and the results with that have been nothing short of dramatic.”

Watch the full segment below: