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Preserving the Endangered Through Biotechnology

January 12, 2010
What do pandas, bantengs, and panthers have in common? 
These animal populations have all been assisted by biotechnology.  Whether endangered, or unhealthy due to a lack of biodiversity, advances in biotechnology – including animal cloning and assisted reproductive technologies, have helped these animals, and many others, to increase their populations, become healthier, and enjoy a more genetically diverse environment. 

Click here to visit our Biotech Now website where you can watch our latest BIOBytes video featuring host Dr. David Targan who explains how advances in animal biotechnology are helping to protect our environment and preserve our wildlife.

In related news, the January 10th episode of 60 Minutes features a report on how scientists believe they can sustain endangered species – maybe even one day resurrect some that have died out – using DNA technology. Lesley Stahl reports.  View the segment by clicking on this link:

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