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Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Winners Attending the BIO 2015 World Congress

July 14, 2015
Every year since 1996, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) honors companies which use innovative efforts to tackle climate change with their Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge. This year two of the award recipients will be attending BIO’s 2015 World Congress! LanzaTech Inc. and Renmatix, both of which are BIO members, won awards for Greener Synthetic Pathways and Small Business, respectively.

LanzaTech, based in Skokie, Illinois, was recognized for their Gas Fermentation Process which uses microbes to convert waste carbon streams into ethanol and chemical ingredients for the manufacture of plastics. By partnering with Global Fortune 500 companies and others, facilities can reduce their carbon footprint while producing up to 100,000 gallons of green chemicals per year.

LanzaTech CEO Dr. Jennifer Holmgren is also the winner of the 2015 BIO Rosalind Franklin Award and will be accepting that award at our World Congress:
“Much like Rosalind Franklin, Dr. Jennifer Holmgren has always been motivated by achieving things that others said could not be done. Her drive knows no barriers, said Brent Erickson, executive vice president for BIO’s Industrial & Environmental Section. BIO is pleased to honor Dr. Holmgren for her accomplishments in the field of industrial biotechnology. We are looking forward to her delivering what is anticipated to be inspiring remarks during BIO’s World Congress.”

Read BIO’s official comments here.

Renmatix in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania uses supercritical water to convert woody biomass into sugars which can be used to produce plant-based chemicals and fuels, overall reducing petroleum fuel dependence. By using water-based chemistry, Renmatix partners with customers to build biorefineries that are cleaner, faster and cheaper when breaking down dense biomass into simple sugars.

BIO President & CEO Jim Greenwood said:
“Recognition from the White House for our industry’s work is one of the highest honors a company can receive and I congratulate both LanzaTech and Renmatix on receiving this award.  Every day BIO’s members are using cutting edge science and technology to deliver game-changing products that will help to heal, feed and fuel the world.  It is this type of exciting innovation that captures the true spirit of biotechnology.  In fact, our organization will soon be changing our full name to the Biotechnology Innovation Organization to better reflect that spirit.”

Read BIO’s official comments here.

We are so excited that they will be joining us at World Congress in Montreal Canada next week!