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Preview: AUTM U.S. Licensing Survey: FY2011

August 31, 2012
We've seen compelling evidence recently about the positive impact of university licensing activity. As we learned from "The Economic Contributions of University/Nonprofit Inventions in the United States: 1996-2010," a report released by BIO in June, university/nonprofit licensing supported as many as 3 million "person years of employment." Now there is even more good news to share.

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AUTM publishes a report of academic licensing activity at the end of each year for the prior fiscal year. Our next report, the AUTM U.S. Licensing Activity Survey: FY2011, will be published in December. In an effort to provide meaningful data sooner, AUTM has released highlights of the survey.

We're pleased to report that university licensing and startup activity remained strong in fiscal year 2011. There was also another rise in the number of issued patents on top of last year's record numbers.

Universities continued to make an impact on their local economies. In fact, 73 percent of the startups reported in fiscal year 2011 are headquartered in the home state of the institution, a ratio that has been consistent over the past three years. The survey data offer an encouraging glimpse into the state of academic technology transfer. This is a testament to how creative and resilient technology transfer professionals have been during this economic downturn. These data also demonstrate how the investment in federal research, up 3 percent from 2010, continues to drive technology transfer.

Highlights include:

  • 19,905 total U.S. patent applications filed (+6%)

  • 13,271 new patent applications filed (+11%)

  • 4,700 issued U.S. patents (+5.2%)

  • 4,899 licenses executed (+14%)

  • 1,152 options executed (+7%)

  • 416 executed licenses containing equity (+5%)

  • Total license income: $2.5 billion (+2.6%)

  • 671 startup companies formed (+3%)

  • 3,927 startups still operating as of the end of FY2011 (+7%)

You can read more highlights here.

The data appendix, which includes university-specific information, can be purchased via the AUTM website.

For more information, please visit AUTM's website  and follow us on Twitter @AUTM_Network.

Todd Sherer, Ph.D., CLP, is president of AUTM.