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Q&A with ExonHit Therapeutics’ Loïc Maurel, MD

October 19, 2009
We recently spoke with Loïc Maurel, M.D., president of ExonHit Therapeutics’ Management Board, one of the companies presenting at the Eighth Annual BIO Investor Forum:

Can you describe the top priorities or upcoming milestones for your company?

This year will be the first year of product commercialization for ExonHit with the launch of EHT Dx21, a blood-based diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease. The Company is also focused on the outlicensing of EHT 0202, ExonHit’s lead therapeutic candidate in Alzheimer’s disease, to a big pharma following the disclosure of promising phase IIa data this past September. Finally, in order to become a mid-size diagnostic player and rapidly generate revenues, ExonHit is investigating several opportunities of external growth to strengthen its diagnostic portfolio through the acquisition of products close to launch or at the beginning of their life cycle.

What is one aspect of your company that you feel would be most attractive or exciting to investors?

ExonHit is active in both diagnostics and therapeutics. These two fields have distinct risks and returns on investment, and provide opportunities for synergistic value creation.

What is the history or story behind your company name?

ExonHit’s name is derived from its founding activity: analyzing RNA splicing events. Such events lead, through the elimination of introns, to the production of messenger RNAs which are the succession of “exons” that will serve to code proteins.