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Questions, Questions....

Michael Stebbins
August 2, 2019

We know that people have a lot of questions about GMOs. In fact, that's exactly why the GMO Answers website and program was started. But we also know that people have a lot of questions about where their food comes from in general: how modern agriculture works; how the chemistry of food works; what we know about food vs. what we don't know about food; why there seems to be an increase in allergens and sensitivities. People want to know who they can turn to in their community when they have questions about food - spoiler alert, they're called registered dietitians. People are also seeing stories about gene-edited plants and animals in the news, and are starting to have questions about that, too!

If only there was a one-stop-shop resource that had answers to all these questions.  Well, you're in luck. Recently, the Nebraska Corn Board reached out to a variety of association experts (including ourselves), farmers, researchers, and dietitians to talk about these very topics.  The resulting resource, Food Innovation: GMOs, CRISPR & Beyond, is now available and is a great way to learn a lot about many of the top issues people have about food and agriculture.

Included in the publication are articles on:

  • Plant Breeding Innovation

  • Dietitians and GMOs

  • GMOs and Food Allergies

  • How Gene Editing Could Reduce Food Waste & Loss

  • Sustainability

  • Animal Biotechnology

  • Hormones in Plants and Animals

  • The Farmer's Point of View


We highly recommend this great compendium of articles as a quick way to learn more about food and farming, and hopefully, have a few myths dispelled along the way.

If, after reading, you still have questions about GMOs, please feel free to visit the GMO Answers website, where our volunteer experts have answered more than 2,000 questions to date.  Chances are, if you have a question about GMOs, you'll find the answer at