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Release of BIO/Biomedtracker Drug Approval Rates Study

February 15, 2011
BIO and BioMedTracker are pleased to present the findings of their joint clinical trial success rates study.  Using clinical trial data from the past seven years, this analysis examines the most recent probability of success by treatment type, phase of development and therapeutic area.

The overall success rate for drugs moving through clinical trials to FDA approval from late 2003 to the end of 2010 is near one in 10, not one in five to one in six, as previous studies analyzing older data have indicated.  Access the presented study results here: BIO-BioMedTracker Study HANDOUT 2-15-2011:

The BMT/BIO study examines the clinical Phase status of these development paths as of year-end 2003 through year-end 2010, which accounts for more than 59,000 data points.  The study determines the percentage of drugs that advance to the next Phase of development versus those that are suspended and therefore the likelihood of a drug ultimately being approved by the FDA.  The data spans all companies (Big Pharma and biotechnology, both public and private) conducting development on therapeutics for approval in the U.S.  The Tufts study looked at the pipelines of the 50 biggest pharmaceutical companies by sales.

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