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Renewable Fuels Producers Speak Out to White House on Climate Change

May 9, 2014
On Wednesday May 7, Fuels America sent a letter to the President Obama, urging the Administration to rethink its proposal to weaken the bipartisan Renewable Fuel Standard which is at odds with the White House's National Climate Assessment.

As part of the Fuels America coalition, BIO and a number of its member companies cosigned this letter highlighting the impact of reducing the Renewable Volume Obligations (RVO) as proposed in the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) will have on greenhouse gas emissions. Proposed changes to the RFS blatantly undermines the Administration’s efforts to address climate change.

This letter was developed out of BIO’s analysis, cited in the letter and below, and demonstrates a rise in GHG emissions if the proposed 2014 RFS RVOs were finalized. A copy of the full analysis was published in the April edition of the Industrial Biotechnology Journal.
In fact, a recent analysis by the Biotechnology Industry Organization shows that this action would increase carbon pollution emissions by 28.2 million metric tons in 2014 alone. To put this in perspective, the impact would be equivalent to adding 7 new coal fired power plants or cancelling every wind farm project currently under construction in the United States. Carrying the EPA's proposed approach forward in future years would trigger even larger increases in climate-altering emissions; by 2022, the cumulative emissions of greenhouse gases would be nearly 1 billion metric tons higher than would occur if EPA continued to set the Renewable Fuel Standard at statutory levels.

We encourage you to read the letter in its entirety and visit the Fuels America site to read its blog Letter: Renewable Fuel Producers Urge Administration to Heed Own Warning on Climate Change to learn more and usable statics that serve as great educational tools.