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Results from the BIO Convention 2013 Meeting Analysis of Therapeutic In/Out Licensors

April 24, 2013
BIO's results from the BIO 2013 Convention 1x1 meeting analysis conducted to identify trends and intentions of therapeutic in-licensors and out-licensors were released today. The analysis looked at the meeting activity of 180 in-licensors attending the Chicago conference in terms of what therapeutic areas and stages of development were in highest demand.

Of the 804 drug R&D companies, companies in Phase I/Rare Disease came out ahead as a group, with an average of >17 meetings/company. This was followed by Phase III Central Nervous System therapies for pain/psychiatric conditions then by Phase III/Cardiovascular medicines.

For the second year, combining all therapeutic areas shows PIII assets in highest demand, Followed by Phase II, Phase I, then PreClinical. This was far different from 2010, the last time the convention was held in Chicago.

The slides can be downloaded here: BIO2013 1x1 Meeting Analysis of In vs Out licensors.