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Richard Pops: A Greater Patient Voice in Drug Development

October 20, 2014
In the October issue of MedNous, Alkermes' CEO Richard Pops writes about the move toward increased engagement with patients in the development, review and delivery of new medicines, as well as the challenges and opportunities associated with access and reimbursement. Pops asserts that patients must organize to share data that can be used in regulatory decision-making. Furthermore, he writes that this input must be integrated through the process - from the early stages of development to interactions with government agencies and private payers. In the commentary, Pops encourages patients to provide advice on clinical trial design and enrollment, and share input on methodology for benefit/risk assessment and post-market data collection. Based on an increased level of engagement, Pops believes that patients will be 'well-positioned to have a voice that can lead to appropriate payer decisions' through working and collaborating with private payers. At the recent BIO Patient & Health Advocacy Summit, Richard Pops expressed his commitment to working with patient groups to increase collaboration throughout the drug development and review process. A wrap-up report of the Summit can be found here. The full op-ed, published by MedNous, can be accessed here.