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Science Can Change the World

July 1, 2015
Each day, scientists in labs around the world seek solutions to the most pressing problems - poverty, hunger, disease and climate change - since they believe in a better world through scientific innovation.

These unsung heroes are celebrated in a new Royal DSM campaign - Bright Science. Brighter Living. Their stories can help amplify our messages to the public, policymakers, stakeholders, government and others on the importance of science to benefit society.

We support and applaud the work of scientists who dedicate their lives to improving our world through innovation. We also celebrated these unsung heroes recently through our Everyday Superheroes contest by recognizing scientists, advocates, academicians and others who support scientific endeavors, and their stories can be found at

These inspirational people are profiled so that we can look to them as examples on how science can change the world for the better. Their indomitable spirits can serve as a beacon of hope for the enormous potential of innovation when it is combined with unwavering conviction.

By visiting the Science Can Change the World web site, you will learn about scientists who devote their time and energy to solve challenges such as Malaria outbreaks in Tanzania or how to provide food for 9 billion people in 2050. Thanks to their commitment it is possible to turn harmful methane gas into biodegradable plastics and for disabled people to walk again.

Take a moment today to meet these unsung heroes of science and prepare to be inspired by scientists changing our world. Watch the video on YouTube, share it and consider posting your comments on the website: #brightscience