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Science Education in Deep Trouble; Report Shows Sad State of Affairs

February 16, 2012
American business leaders rue the lack of home-grown skilled workers. This is a problem governors and legislators have been acknowledging for years. However, a recent report from The Thomas B. Fordham Institute indicates that many states continue to ignore the need for strong science curriculums as a means of producing workers for an increasingly high-tech economy.

This quote says it all:
"American science performance is lagging as the economy becomes increasingly high tech, but our current science standards are doing little to solve the problem. Reviewers evaluated science standards for every state for this report and their findings were deeply troubling: The majority of states earned Ds or Fs for their standards in this crucial subject, with only six jurisdictions receiving As."

Here's another quote from the report that cuts right to the chase:
"The results of this rigorous analysis paint a fresh—but still bleak—picture. A majority of the states’ standards remain mediocre to awful. In fact, the average grade across all states is—once again—a thoroughly undistinguished C. (In fact, it’s a low C.) In twenty-seven jurisdictions, the science standards earn a D or below."

If you have an hour and a half to kill it would be worthwhile to watch this presentation of the report's findings: