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Scientific American on BRIC's IP Environment

July 15, 2011
Scientific American World View issued a special report at this year's 2011 BIO International Convention that had several references to IP protections around the world but focused particularly on the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).  See below for interesting takes on the IP environment in each country.


Patently Ambiguous asserts that while
"China's intellectual property environment remains challenging at best" several involved on the ground in China believe that "there should be a healthy tolerance of ambiguity and uncertainity [in China].  IP law and policy are constantly changing and improving."


Taking Transgenics to the Top reviews the rise of biotech crops in Brazil and states that:
"Brazil’s science community still has its share of hurdles to overcome. Although research is thriving, a Brazilian scientist has never won a Nobel Prize, and only 103 U.S. patents were awarded to Brazilian scientists in 2009. The latter is largely a cultural issue, according to Moro. “There is this mindset that public science should be in the public domain,” he explains. “Intellectual property is still relatively new in Brazil.”"


Rebuilding Russia Pharma contains an interesting IP quote:
Despite the government changes, as in many emerging markets, trust remains an issue. Loginova, however, says that Novartis does trust the Russian government. “Their intellectual property and patent laws are very good laws,” she says.