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Seventy Nine House Members Express Concern with H.R. 9

July 28, 2015
House leaders made the decision earlier this month to remove patent reform legislation from the schedule for the remaining days before the August recess. While a vote is expected to occur sometime in September, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy made the decision to review and address many of the concerns that have been voiced by an array of industries that require the value of dependable and enforceable patents. In the words of Representative McCarthy, "I think there’s more work to be done on it."

Representative McCarthy’s decision seems less surprising in light of the fact that last week a coalition of 79 house members requested significant improvement upon language within H.R. 9, the Innovation Act, in order to preserve the effectiveness of Hatch-Waxman and the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act.

If you would like to contact your elected representatives to register your concern on The Innovation Act, or for more information, visit Patent Reform For Cures.

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