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So, When Will My Meetings Be Scheduled?

June 1, 2011
By now, you've published your company's profile, you've sent meeting requests, and you've responded to messages from other companies and attendees of the BIO Business Forum.  But now that you've done the work and have confirmed meetings, what happens next? As one of our top customer service questions, we wanted to address that here in our blog.

First, BIO and the Partnering Team takes care of all the logistics.  So while only you can do the outreach and manage your Inbox, we will find the space and time, - and send you all of those details.

Specifically, we begin scheduling on June 6th for the BIO Business Forum, which is June 27th - 30th.  (As you'll notice in the picture to the right, the Company Dashboard is a helpful tool to keep you on track with upcoming deadlines such as these.  This is located on the home page of the BIO One-on-One Partnering System,  i.e., the first thing you see after you log in.)

What does "begin scheduling" mean? It means that we take all of the "agreed-to" meetings and we start assigning times and rooms or booths.  One of the reasons why we suggest sending requests early on, is that if you're in this first batch of scheduling, you're simply getting your meeting scheduled first.  Responding to meeting requests early and often is one of the most important keys to a successful partnering experience.

It takes time to get the entire schedule set, especially with the number of requests we're seeing this year, so for those who have selected to receive the email notifications in your delegate profile, you'll first receive a notification that your meeting has been assigned a specific timeslot.  (The location will come later.)  Remember, we set the times of your meetings based off of both yours AND the other company's availability.  There will be circumstances where your calendars and theirs don't match up, so naturally, this is the most common reason why your meeting would not be scheduled.  If you reference the picture above again, you can always see the number of scheduled meetings and outstanding requests right in your dashboard.  The meeting rooms will be revealed approximately a week before the conference, and, as a reminder, all meetings will be scheduled in private booths within the Business Forum.  The Business Forum will be located in Halls D & E of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

As an added convenience for our attendees, we'll also send you your full Partnering schedule the Friday before the event, as well as the evening of each conference day.  Be sure to check your Inbox Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday as the conference is going on!

We'll of course be onsite with a designated Partnering Help Desk, so there are plenty of ways to reach us!