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Spreading BIO's Message at the National Political Conventions

August 23, 2012
Next week, the Republican National Convention kicks-off in Tampa, Florida. The week after that, the Democratic National Convention will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aside from the nomination of the national party tickets and the tremendous media coverage generated by these events, key opinion leaders from both parties will converge on these cities to participate in this uniquely American process.

An important component of our ongoing advocacy work is to educate these key decision makers and elected officials about the promise of our industry and how biotechnology is helping heal, fuel and feed the world while creating high-wage jobs.

It is important for BIO to be present and make an impact at these events. Our presence amplifies the conversations with key policy makers about initiatives that will speed the approval process of new drugs and biologics, increase investment in new innovations across the biotech spectrum, and other efforts at the heart of BIO’s public policy goals.

One of the outreach activities we will implement during the political conventions are two BIO-branded trucks. I am particularly excited to showcase them because they highlight our new BIO branding.

BIO Truck

During the Republican and Democratic national conventions the two BIO-branded trucks will be stationed around convention activities in both Tampa and Charlotte. Aside from boldly displaying our organization's new logo, the vehicles will build brand visibility by supplying convention attendees with some of the products they will need most — for example, water, energy bars and, last but not least, ibuprofen and bandages to alleviate the headaches and blistered feet that are all too common at events like the national political conventions.

The BIO-branded trucks will capture the attention of attendees, extending the reach and impact of our advocacy work on behalf of the industry and members - the heart and soul of BIO.

If you want to know where these trucks will be, remember to follow @IamBiotech on Twitter or check for updates and pictures.

If you are attending one of the events, don’t forget to keep your eyes open for the BIO-branded Trucks.