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A Start-Up Model Worthy of Consideration

September 25, 2012
Biotech LLCs are getting a lot of attention lately, and perhaps rightfully so. The Wall Street Journal’s Brian Gormley recently talked to Albert L. Sokol, a partner with Edwards Wildman Palmer, about the two venture-backed biotechs - Forma Therapeutics and Viamet Pharmaceuticals – that he helped convert to LLCs.

In the WSJ article – Biotech Start-Ups See Benefits from Changing Structure, Lawyer Says - Sokol describes the benefits to start-ups and their venture investors, as well as employees.

This new focus on LLCs will be discussed at two sessions at the upcoming BIO Investor Forum on October 9-10 in San Francisco, Calif. “It Takes a Village: The New Pharma-VC Model for Biotech Investing” will look at high-profile funding collaborations between pharmaceutical companies and traditional venture capital funds. The second VC session – Tried & True or Something New? Dissecting the New Corporate VC Model – will address corporate venture capital as a much-needed funding source for companies struggling to keep their development programs moving.

Interested in learning about the experience of a company who has converted to an LLC? Forma Therapeutics will be one of the 110 presenting companies featured at the upcoming BIO Investor Forum.