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Starting from One Idea to Building a Winning Company: How to Communicate Value to Investors and Partners

Bernard Fallon
May 8, 2019

It’s not enough to be a great scientist or entrepreneur with a great idea.  Investors and partners are necessary to support an entrepreneur’s ambition to innovate a medicine that can help patients.  In addition to deal-making skills, storytelling and building value for your company’s assets are critical skills that every company needs to be successful in today’s crowded biotechnology and innovative health sector.  On Sunday, June 2, 2019 from 1:00-5:00 PM, BIO will provide an opportunity for executives to learn and practice first-hand how to jumpstart your strategic communications program around building an investable story.  BIOtechNOW (BTN) spoke with instructors about what will be covered.


  • LaVoieHealthScience Strategic Consultants
  • Mark Monane, Monane Group Clinical Consulting
  • Angus McQuilken, BD Head, Life Sciences, McDermott Will & Emery

BTN: What will be covered in the workshop, “Building Value for Your Assets”?

Faculty:  We will cover three key areas for  development-stage companies who seeks interest from investors and strategic partners.  In the first module, we will review how to build a strategic communications roadmap and provide attendees with an example of a plan for a development stage company as well as provide a template timeline so that attendees can map out their milestones and potential communications framework.  During this exercise, attendees will interact with the instructor and each other to frame out their milestones and timeline of company events.

BTN:  What are the other areas in which you’ll focus?

Faculty:  Secondly, we will cover how to prioritize interactions with investors and partners – from appropriate conferences to how to organize/operationalize your plan as well as discussion on resources required to make it happen.  We will also discuss how to interpret investor/partner feedback and ways to incorporate that into your storyline.  And, lastly, we will discuss trade and industry media – what publications matter and why as well as how to build successful relationships.

BTN:   This is really a first of its kind workshop in strategic communications specially focused for development-stage companies.  Why is this so important now?

Faculty:  We are in a unique sector.  A sector in which capital to fund research and development is critical to success.  The best ideas are only ideas unless they are communicated well and executed on.  With luck, planning and experience assets in development become medicines that help people across a variety of disease states.  To build a winning company, one must also consider the importance of storytelling to build value for investors, partners and ultimately patients.  Faculty will share examples of winning company strategies.

Interviewer: Thank you for the interview and good luck with your workshop at the BIO 2019 in Philadelphia!

For additional details and to register for the workshop visit here.