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State Leaders Discuss Bioscience Economic Development

June 22, 2017
This week BIO released Bioscience Innovation in the States: Legislation and Job Creation through Public-Private Partnerships, an updated report that analyzes what state leaders are doing to promote the growth and health of the bioscience industry as a means of driving job creation and increased economic output.

To provide the updated data, BIO conducted a review of initiatives to support bioscience companies across all 50 states and Puerto Rico. In evaluating initiatives put forth, the report also explores rational behind current legislative efforts and offers a reference guide showing the application of specific legislation in certain states and outcomes.

As part of the report’s release, four cabinet secretaries representing the leading biotech intensive areas of Puerto Rico, Texas, Massachusetts and Rhode Island came together to highlight what they, along with their Governors, legislature, and state agencies are doing to increase competitiveness. Highlights ranged from state sponsored programs to create supportive tax environments in capital formation to encouraging investment and helping bioscience companies leverage existing resources.

Read more about the report here.

[caption id="attachment_25819" align="aligncenter" width="692"] The panel participants included (from Left to Right): Stefan Pryor, Rhode Island Secretary of Commerce Manuel Laboy Rivera, Puerto Rico Secretary of Economic Development & Commerce Rolando Pablos, Texas Secretary of State Nam Pham, Massachusetts Secretary of Business Development and International Trade[/caption]