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Students Assess Future of Genetically Engineered (GE) Food

February 3, 2010
In a new paper, Student Response to Transgenic Meat: An Analysis of a Fort Valley State University Survey, to be presented at the Southern Agricultural Economics Association annual meeting on February 6-9, 2010 researchers surveyed college students’ acceptance of meat derived from livestock or fish that had been genetically engineered and found that more than half the respondents said they would purchase meat from GE animals if the price was the same as meat from conventionally raised animals.

The researchers surveyed 372 students to find out what they thought about meat from genetically engineered (GE) animals . The answer: they found that in addition to a willingness to purchase meat from GE animals, respondents who said they read labels when shopping were more likely to purchase meat from GE animals. The results also suggested that respondents who trust scientists to tell them the truth about biotechnology and meat production were more likely to purchase meat produced from biotech animals.

The researchers wrote,

“As food and fiber production continue be [sic] impacted by scientific advancement, the question continues to be whether consumers will accept those new or improved products. In this study we looked at students because they are the future consumers.”

That is the key, because students are our future, and genetic engineering is the future of food.