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Team at BrainCells using brain cells

September 14, 2009

An interview with James A. Schoeneck, Chief Executive Officer, BrainCells, Inc.:

Can you describe the top priorities or upcoming milestones for your company?

BrainCells Inc. has two up-coming milestones in 1Q10: the advancement of BCI-632 into a Phase 1 clinical trial, and Phase 2 data for BCI-540 in patients with treatment resistant depression and anxiety. Both compounds have novel mechanisms of action.  In July, the company announced the outcome of an exploratory Phase 2 study of BCI-952, demonstrating the first clinical validation of neurogenesis as a target for depression.

What is one aspect of your company that you feel would be most attractive or exciting to investors?

There are really three aspects that drive investor excitement. One: neurogenesis as a target to treat mood disorders presents a compelling opportunity to invest in the first biological approach to developing drugs for psychiatry. Two: BrainCells has the most advanced pipeline in neurogenic drug development as a result of its proprietary platform with two compounds in Phase 2, one compound nearing Phase 1 and three preclinical compounds. Three: the company’s technology is derived from the world’s leading neurogenesis experts, Dr. Fred Gage of Salk Institute and Dr. Rene Hen from Columbia University, and the company continues to work closely with both experts among others to explore neurogenesis as a target for mood disorders, cognition and other CNS diseases.

What is the history or story behind your company name?

BrainCells is a literal description of what we do. We are identifying drugs that stimulate the natural neurogenic process in the brain, directing the development of neural stem cells into neurons.