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Technology Transfer Symposium at BIO Investor Forum

July 31, 2009


Technology Transfer Symposium:

Promoting Public-Private Collaboration for Innovation

Wednesday October 28, 2009

7:30 am – 12 pm PT

The Palace Hotel

San Francisco, CA

The Technology Transfer Symposium, held in conjunction with the BIO Investor Forum, will explore the domestic and international policy challenges for professionals in university, industry, and legal areas regarding the administration of technology transfer.  This groundbreaking meeting will bring together stakeholder groups to discuss the challenges and opportunities of today’s pressing policy issues impacting technology transfer and innovation policy, university – industry relationships, university start-ups, and unique collaborative and translational mechanisms. BIO will unveil a first-of-its-kind licensing survey as well as a study of the evolving benefits of the Bayh-Dole Act in today's economy.

Panel Speakers

Symposium panelists include representatives from important stakeholder groups, including the Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM), Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP), Georgia Institute of Technology, small, medium, and large biotechnology companies, and philanthropic venture capitalists attending the BIO Investor Forum.


  • Breakfast Welcome

  • Today’s Technology Transfer Policy Landscape: An overview of and context to today’s most pressing policy issues

  • Economic Impact & Licensing Relationships between Universities & Industry: An analysis of recent research on the economic impact of technology transfer & licensing in the United States.

  • Unique & Creative Collaborative Mechanisms: A menu of mechanisms for facilitating transfer of innovative technology and partnerships

What Can Attendees Expect?

Attendees will meet today's opinion leaders in intellectual property and technology transfer and biotechnology policy, examine and forecast domestic policy trends; study collaborations that successfully increased access to technology through unique partnerships both within the United States and internationally between governments, academia, philanthropic investors, companies and others; and exchange ideas on ways to foster sustainable, long-term biotechnology innovation.


The Symposium is free to attend. Space is very limited. For more information, email Margarita Noriega, Coordinator, Bioethics & IP,