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Trust the Science, Not the Food Fad

August 22, 2016
Multiple surveys and polls reveal most people know very little about GMOs, causing them to buy into expensive food fads.

We’ve published a piece on the GMO Answers Forbes blog by Robert Wager, from Vancouver Island University, and Terry Daynard, farmer and former associate dean at University of Guelph, entitled, “GMOs: Trust The Science, Not The Food Fad.

Instead of focusing on what’s on the label, Robert and Terry urge consumers to understand what they really mean.
Consumers go through continual food fads: High-carb, low-carb, Mediterranean diet, Atkins diet, gluten-free – the list is long. The newest is, “non-GMO” labeling.

Despite many studies showing the safety and merits of food made from genetically modified (GM) crops, or the endorsement from over 270 scientific societies and national agencies, a series of negative stories have produced a public unease about these technologies.

Some marketers use anti-GMO promotions as a means to boost sales, and trade associations use anti-GMO campaigns to promote memberships and donations.

Please head over to the GMO Answers Forbes page to read the rest of the post.  And for more information about GMOs, please visit the GMO Answers website.