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Two Studies to be Released at Next Week's BIO CEO Conference

February 11, 2011
BIO Industry Analysis recently teamed up with BioMedTracker and Ipreo for two separate studies and plans to release the results at the 13th Annual BIO CEO Conference in New York next Tuesday, Feb 15th. The BIO/BioMedTracker study results will provide the most recent clinical trial success rates for the industry and the BIO/IPREO survey results will show what biotech investors are looking for in 2011. For more details about each study, read on:

BIO/BioMedTracker study:

Trial and Error: Breaking Down Clinical Trial Success Rates

BIO has teamed up with BioMedTracker to conduct the most comprehensive study of clinical trial success rates to date.  Using clinical trial data from the past six years, the analysis will examine the most recent  probability of success by treatment type, phase of development and therapeutic area.

The study builds on the findings from previous studies (See previous post on Tufts data) and uses a broader, deeper, and larger sample than previous reviews of clinical trials and approvals data.  The team analyzed 4,275 drugs and over 7,300 unique development paths using the BioMedTracker (BMT) proprietary database.

The BMT/BIO analysis includes breakdowns by indication, disease group, molecule type, and route of administration.  The study and corresponding panel will take an in-depth look at FDA decisions and approval rates by FDA review number.

BIO/Ipreo study:

Survey Says! The Year Ahead in Biotech-Seeing Green or Turning Green?

The BIO/IPREO study surveyed investors on their outlook for the biotech sector and wider biotechnology industry in 2011.  The 135 investment professionals surveyed represent firms with $2 trillion in equity assets under management, including $166 billion invested in healthcare and $38 billion invested in biotech.

The BIO/Ipreo study will show that the majority of investors believe that biotech is headed in the right direction and that this is generally a good time to invest.  Renewed investor optimism is particularly promising for smaller companies, which have had significant capital formation challenges in the past several years.

About the BIO CEO COnference

Despite the economic challenges that have confronted the industry in the past several years, partnering at BIO’s investor meetings has remained strong and the upcoming BIO CEO & Investor Conference promises to be one of the best yet.

The conference will feature more than 140 company presentations. Panel sessions will highlight the latest financial and investment trends in the industry. Therapeutic Workshops will feature the latest information on pipeline innovation for Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psychiatry. Business Roundtables will address managed care, M&A, partnership strategies, financing and exit strategies.

The BIO CEO & Investor Conference is the largest independent investor conference focused solely on publicly-traded biotechnology companies.  The meeting attracts institutional investors, industry analysts, and senior biotechnology executives.  To learn more about the BIO CEO & Investor Conference, including registration and program information, please visit  Registration is complimentary for qualified investors and credentialed members of the media.

About BioMedTracker

BioMedTracker ( is an institutional research service that identifies investment opportunities in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry by assessing the relative strength of companies’ clinical drug pipelines and by highlighting potential future catalysts that could dramatically impact those pipelines.  Clients from the pharmaceutical, biotech, and investment industries rely on BioMedTracker for its insight on the likelihood of approval, commercial potential, and future data and regulatory catalysts for drugs within the competitive landscape of every important disease and indication.  Over the last several years, BioMedTracker has become the leader in providing objective information alongside subjective clinical assessments on pipeline drugs worldwide.

About Ipreo

Ipreo is a premier global provider of high quality data, market intelligence, and productivity solutions to investment banking and corporate clients. With decades of experience serving the capital markets, and a reputation for superior customer service, Ipreo is both a dynamic innovator and a trusted resource. Ipreo has more than 500 employees and operations throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Ipreo is majority-owned by private equity firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson ( For more information, please go to